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Our clinic is known to provide quality eyecare services for everyone in the North York, Toronto area

Our office provides comprehensive eyecare services, a wide range frame and lens choices, and advanced technological instruments to help diagnose and treat various eye conditions. We welcome all patients to call our office and book your next eye care visit with us!

Regular Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Our doctors aim to provide comprehensive examinations to all age groups ranging from infants to seniors. Each step of your visit will be explained to you in detail. The appointment can be separated into three main parts: pre-testing with staff, a vision and glasses check, and a full ocular health check. Our office has digital retinal imaging to take a picture of the inside of your eye, and the image will be reviewed with your during your appointment. We also ensure that your family doctor receives a summary of your eye care findings.

Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetic patients should get their eyes checked every year to monitor for early detection of diabetic ocular complications. This ensures beforehand treatment to avoid any or complete vision loss. OHIP covers one major eye exam every 12 months for diabetic patients.

Eye Exams for Children

The Ontario Association of Optometrists recommends that a child should have their first eye examination at six months of age, at three years of age and then every twelve months or as recommended by your optometrist. Regular eye exams ensure that ocular issues such as exophoria or lazy eye are not posing any hindrance in their learning process. A comprehensive eye exam is a must and cannot be replaced by screenings that only identify basic ocular issues. Our clinic strives to provide a relaxed and fun environment for our young patients.

Visual Field Testing & Digital Imaging

We are proud to be able to offer our patients with advanced technology options to provide a more thorough eye care experience. Visual field testing is an extremely helpful diagnostic tool. It will help guide the doctor to the appropriate treatment plan for conditions such as glaucoma, patients under plaquenil treatment, and patients with potential brain conditions. We offer the most current option for digital retinal imaging, known as the Optos. This camera will photograph the inside your eye, and allow you to review this picture with the doctor to help provide a better understanding of what the doctor sees. In some cases, this picture can serve as an alternative to dilating drops. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is another imagining machine that is best explained as an ultrasound for the eye. The image captures various layers that exist within the eye in order to provide more detail of disease states. OCT imaging has a wide range of application in glaucoma diagnosis, macular degeneration assessment, and rigid contact lens fittings.

Laser Vision Correction

Looking to decrease your dependency on your glasses and contact lenses? Laser vision correction is a safe solution to your concerns. Our doctors can help you determine if you are a good candidate for laser vision correction. They also work alongside various laser clinics to provide pre-operative and post-operative care. If you have any questions or interest in laser vision, please mention it to your doctor to obtain more information.

Contact Lenses

Many patients are interested in contact lenses as an alternative means of vision correction. We have a full range of contact lens brands that are available to our patients. Please remember that contact lenses are indeed a medical device, and a professional contact lens fitting with one of our doctors is the best way to ensure a healthy and safe outcome. Our doctors can help you find contact lenses suited to your needs – Daily wear, Contact lenses for dry eyes, Contact lenses for astigmatism, Bifocal/multifocal Contact lenses, Coloured contacts and Rigid Gas permeable contact lenses.

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